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Horst Schmudde's Oriental Gamefowl

Background Information

The book, over 30 years in the making and based on worldwide
research about the history and evolution of Oriental poultry races
with a detailed description, their origin, distribution and current
day breeding status worldwide, is a long needed work while
nothing like it has been published for over fifty years. This book
provides in detail educational information about the ancestors
of domestic chickens, whereby it traces the origin of many ancient
poultry breeds, how and where they were developed many generations
ago for the purpose of sportsmanship before cockfighting was banned
in most countries. But that has not stopped enthusiasts and fanciers
to save many of these species from extinction and rather promoting
them through a worldwide interest in exhibitions competitions,
whereby in Germany alone are national poultry exhibitions with over
40,000 and even to 60,000 entries every year excite the public in tough
competitions as covered in this work. Moreover, the reader will learn
everything essential about purposeful breeding and preserving these
breeds for future generations to come. The over 250 pictures of some
35 breeds shown in this book have been collected from various sources
worldwide, many are of birds bred and photographed by myself
giving the reader information not available elsewhere, which includes
a today’s analysis of the sport of cockfighting as well as extensive
information on genetics of the rarest species.

The book can also be ordered by telephone
call the AuthorHouse bookstore 1-888-280-7715 ask for
ISBN 1-4208-7681-3

It is a 220 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 format, soft cover book with some
300 photos from all over the world. Dont miss it!

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