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Horst Schmudde's Oriental Gamefowl

I was born, raised and educated in Germany and
I have been an avid poultry fancier since early childhood.
Already during my college years I concentrated on the conservation
of various Oriental gamefowl breeds showing and winning accolades
at the most prestigious poultry exhibitions in Germany. Following
my graduation from college receiving a dual major in engineering
I obtained my poultry judge license in 1959. At that time I was the
youngest judge in the German pure-bred poultry fanciers organization.
I jugded all over Europe for over forty years and continued judging
even after I moved to the US in 1964. I was the secretary of the German
gamefowl club for those years. In the United states I founded the
Oriental Fowl Fanciers Association. I also wrote numerous
articles for specialty magazines on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.
Due to my profession as an engineer working for some big companies
I was able to travel to many countries and to follow my personal
interest, the Oriental gamefowl. From my home in New Jersey I have sent
breeding material to various countries around the world and also took
part in the introduction of the Tuzo into Europe in 1965. Recently I
finished my last project, the publication of my book "Oriental Gamefowl"
a Guide for the Sportsman, Poultryman and Exhibitor of Rare Poultry
Species and Gamefowl of the World in September 2005.

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